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Labor Department: H&S Compliant

Department of Labor Visit

Have you recently received a visit from the Department of Labor (DOL)?

Have they given you a health & Safety non-compliance report with a deadline?

Not sure how to proceed?

We can assist and help you meet your deadline. 

Step 1

Your Information
  • Fill in our form below.
  • We will arrange that you send us the non-compliance report.  

Step 2

Book a Free Consultation
  • We will assess your non-compliance report and work out a quote for you. 
  • If you are expecting a visit from the DOL then arrange a meeting with us either on Zoom or telephonically and we can advise you on what you’ll need. 


Step 3

  •  Pay the invoice and send us Proof of Payment.
  • Our Safety Officer will put together the necessary documentation for you. 

Step 4

Receive Your Documentation
  • We will email you the necessary documentation you will need in PDF format. 

Important Notice:

  • *** In order for us to supply you with an accurate quote, we must have the correct information and scope.

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